Waking Καλλιόπη,2022, Brennan and Maipa.


In May 2022, Brennan and Ilektra Maipa (GR) exhibited their collaborative work Waking Καλλιόπη at the Athens Digital Art Festival (May 2022) and at Primarolia Arts Festival, Aigio (Sept 2022). The online work exists as an interactive web page focused specifically on enabling the user to create an onscreen poem by drawing a line with the cursor.


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In Greek Καλλιόπη (Calliope) is the muse of epic poetry. Waking Καλλιόπη exists at the nexus between drawing, poetry, information art and webart. As an artwork it aims to free the discursive nature of poetry and the fluid potentials of drawing from convention. 


Brennan and Maipa began collaborating in 2020 with the aim of exploring the edges of poetry. Their collaboration is conducted at geographic distance (Brennan, UK/ Maipa, GR) and involves file sharing and online presentation.



Προφητεία, Five Three Nine, 22.05.2020 (video extract)

"Jellyfish legs lightning strikes

Diaphanous thoughts dripping inside."

Προφητεία, Five Three Nine, 03.03.2020

"And speaking into the empty space.
Water running down walls."


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