The Republic of Atlantis performance for camera, National Maritime Museum (UK), 2002 


Memento Mori miniature handmade book, ink on paper, 5.5 x 7.5 cm. 2022


Throughout Brennan's practice a recurring element has been the production of non-ISBN unique books. Brennan views this activity as being rooted in the histories of the zine, fluxus publishing and the chapbook and uses the book form as a means of bringing together combined aspects of his walking, drawing, theoretical and poetical research.



Commenting on Brennan's 'A Drawing Ceremony' ebook, Prof. Sharon Morris writes:


'This is also a manual for forgetting ourselves in the acts of looking at and being with an other, a stone. Without the guidelines of meditation traditions, we are asked to let ourselves be guided by this stone. Drawing, an everyday habit that is accessible and cheap, and sustainable. Drawing that allows us an extraordinary focus on the particular in the way that Blake sees the universe in a grain of sand.' 


Brennan, T. (2021) A Drawing Ceremony Amazon Kindle e-publication.


In 2009, Brennan worked with musician Paul Maven to develop The Selling of Fake Seditionaries. The manoeuvre charted moments of anarchy through the centre of London.

The subsequent feral publication details the itinerary. Access the PDF here


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