The sociality of space, that makes it a place, is just the trace of human intentionality.

Brennan (1999)


In the 1990’s Brennan began developing a methodology based on the guided walk form - the ‘manoeuvre’.

Each walk is built out of quotations which are recited to the group at stations along a predesigned route.

The walks surface as live performances and as guidebooks.


Manoeuvres involved  the traditional body centred approach to performance are disrupted.


The body is de-centered in the manoeuvre.


Attention is given to the details of a stopping point and the content of the text being read aloud.


Each walk-work is a discursive performance



Vedute Manoeuvre, (2011), 54th Venice Biennale, Piazzo San Marco and Gervesuti Foundation

Detail from manoeuvre showing a participant using manoeuvre guide itinerary consisting of reproductions of Caneletto paintings, quotations and  a essay by poet and critical theorist Heather H. Yeung.

Brennan, T et al. (2011). Vedute Manoeuvre York: information as material. 


Wroughtings manoeuvre for Performance Arcade, Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa, 2017


From left to right. 4 examples of manoeuvre pocket travel guides:

Brennan, T et al. (1999). Guidebook: three manoeuvres in London E1/E2 London: Camerawords. 

Brennan, T et al. (1999). Prospectus: a manoeuvre by Tim Brennan Surrey County Council: Norbury Park/ Mole Valley Gap.

Brennan, T et al. (2011). Enchiridion: three manoeuvres by Tim Brennan in NE Scotland York: information as material York.

Brennan, T. (2024). Corridors: three manoeuvres by Tim Brennan in Manchester York: information as material York.


Access more information on Corridors: three manoeuvres by Tim Brennan in Manchester including an online version of the itineraries by clicking on the link or via the QR code:


Reading Capital manoeuvre, You Are Here, Holden Gallery, Manchester (UK), 2000


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